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BESTMINDS expands its pharmaceutical and life sciences expertise: Peter Majer is new Senior Partner

With our new independent senior partner Peter Majer, we have expanded our executive search in the life sciences / pharmaceuticals sector and opened a new office in Frankfurt am Main. In the following interview you will learn about the experience and strengths that this excellently networked industry expert has brought to you since the end of 2019.

Industry expert Peter Majer (54). Our new senior partner draws on over 25 years of experience in specialist and management positions.

Mr. Majer, would you please introduce yourself?

My name is Peter Majer. I'm 54 years old, married, I have a son and I'm a business graduate. In my spare time, I do a lot of sports. I used to be active as a handball player, but today I regularly play soccer and go running. In addition, there is my wife's horse, which I take care of together with her. But I do not ride it. Personally, that is too dangerous for me. I find relaxation in the sauna, while reading and of course while travelling. I love the mountains, skiing and hiking, and especially South Tyrol. The relaxed way of life, the beautiful nature, good food and delicious wine. What could be better?

What did you do professionally before you joined BESTMINDS?

Oh, quite a lot! I was in technical and management positions for over 25 years. Right from the start in the pharmaceutical industry and with a focus on marketing and sales. As managing director I was responsible for up to 200 employees. I have also worked a lot internationally, which has been very beneficial for me personally.

After marketing and sales now recruitment consultant. Why the decision to take this path?

I am a very communicative type and interested in people. That's why, in addition to marketing and sales, I've always been interested in employees, players, networks and similar topics. So, the human resources or personnel questions, if you like. As a supervisor, I think (he laughs) I have managed to challenge and support my employees quite well. In recent years, I have made the experience that it is becoming increasingly difficult to recruit good specialists and managers from outside. The baby boomer generation is slowly retiring and fewer specialists are replacing them. It also seems to me that the good employees are hardly applying actively for jobs. An interesting point, by the way, but we'll talk about that another time. So recruiting for companies is becoming increasingly difficult. That excites me. With my background as a recruitment consultant I can make a big difference, on both sides: I know where to find the right candidates for companies, both professionally and, above all, personally. And I support people who do a really good job in finding their professional fulfilment. So I make everyone a little bit happier, myself included. (he laughs).

Why have you chosen BESTMINDS?

I looked at many options. Larger and smaller recruitment agencies, generalists and specialists. BESTMINDS, with its strong focus on the health sector, naturally fits in very well with my CV. Like the other partners of BESTMINDS, I am also convinced that I can only advise clients and candidates well if I speak their language. So I have to be able to imagine something under the job descriptions, know exactly what activities are involved and what skills are required. I also really like the team spirit at BESTMINDS, which is not only written on paper, but is really embodied. We work together, we communicate intensively, we create synergies, for example, by giving us tips on possible candidates from related fields. Here, not everyone does their own thing, but we bring our resources together and that is only a huge benefit for our clients. This is how we can work in a success-oriented manner. And it is fun for everyone.

How would you describe your consulting approach?

Anyone who knows me knows that I put great emphasis on quality, trust and sustainability. That means first of all that I want to fully understand in the briefing what my client is exactly about. This is not always clearly written on paper. For example, filling a position often has a strategic component, for example when it comes to building up a sales team or a new business area. You have to understand that. It is also important not to approach the requirement profiles for a position like an order list, but to question them critically. This is uncomfortable but really important! I have often experienced that a profile, usually due to lack of time, was simply copied from a job description that you may have already filled two years ago or that is available on the Internet. Probably I have done it myself, in the past...

In the end, the cultural fit between candidates and companies is always decisive. You need a feel for that. It has to be grasped in the briefing, understood and checked in the interviews with candidates. If everything fits, the conditions for a win-win situation are perfect, i.e. for a long-term cooperation between the new employee and the company.

It is also important to me personally that the process is trustworthy for all parties from the very beginning. This includes treating the candidates with respect, protecting their data not only in accordance with DSGVO, but in general, out of principle and professionalism! After all, we are dealing with confidential information from both sides and this must be treated confidentially under all circumstances. Back to the question again. In short, I would describe my consulting approach like this: respect, transparency, trust, expertise. And in the end, of course, success.

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Peter Majer
Graduate in Business Administration, Senior Partner
M +49 172 68 404 58

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