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BVMed: MedTech middle class must be strengthened

Two-thirds of all employees in the medtech industry come from small to medium-sized companies. These in particular are being put under pressure by the increased bureaucratic and regulatory requirements of the EU Medical Device Regulation (MDR) and In Vitro Diagnostics (IVDR).

On March 18, the German Medical Technology Association held its annual general meeting. BVMed board chairman Dr. Meinrad Lugan addressed the dangers of excessively high bureaucratic and regulatory requirements for medium-sized medtech companies. These hurdles would stifle the creative forces that make up these companies, Dr. Meinrad Lugan said. He calls for better support from economic policymakers to ease the burden on MedTech SMEs.

MedTech SMEs as an economic force

93% of German MedTech companies employ fewer than 250 people and 67% of all employees in the MedTech sector work in SMEs. The entire industry is thus characterized by SMEs. Due to their manageable size and large number of companies, SMEs have been innovation drivers. 57% of the gross value added in the industry is attributable to SMEs. Thus, SMEs are considered to be an important source of value creation and employment for the medtech industry.


The EU already approved the two regulations MDR and IVDR at the end of February 2017. These were to be implemented by companies by May 26, 2020. BVMed already criticized these regulations at that time, as they represented a considerable additional burden for SMEs. Due to the Corona pandemic, the implementation deadline was extended by one year, to May 26, 2021. To date, regulatory affairs positions, whether RA Specialists or RA Managers and Directors, are difficult to fill.

Hiring Regulatory Affairs Positions

81% of all medtech companies see the two regulations as an obstacle for the industry. Since no relief for SMEs has been announced so far, companies still have until the end of May to implement the new regulatory requirements. Due to the high demand, RA positions are currently hard to find through regular job postings. In order to fill the right employee (m/f/d) after all, many years of professional experience in the field, professional excellence and an exceptional network are required. You will find such expertise with the recruitment consultants of BESTMINDS. Our recruitment consultants have been staffing highly qualified specialists and executives in the medical technology, diagnostics and pharmaceutical industries with a great deal of expertise and commitment for over 10 years. Fair, loyal and discreet, they will meet your challenges and requests. Please feel free to contact us for a non-binding initial meeting in order to fill your new employee (m/f/d) on time.

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