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Spotting the ideal candidate within the crowd.

Heidelore Gerbing

Graduate in Business Administration, Senior Partner

Industry expertise

Recruitment consultant/headhunter for

  • Management positions
  • All typical profiles for demanding roles in the medical technology and life sciences industries

Disciplines in which Heidelore Gerbing has successfully placed specialist and managerial personnel:

  • Vascular intervention/vascular surgery
  • Cardiology/cardiac surgery
  • Surgery/plastic surgery/MIS/neurosurgery
  • Urology/gynecology
  • Endocrinology/nephrology
  • Intensive care medicine/mechanical ventilation/monitoring
  • Imaging techniques
  • Wound care
  • Home care/rehabilitation

Heidelore Gerbing – profile

Spotting the ideal candidate within the crowd. Heidelore Gerbing can unerringly identify which candidates are the perfect match for companies. Alongside her professional expertise, her interpersonal skills and industry knowledge are the key factors behind the success of her projects. 

A business administration graduate able to speak four languages, she has conducted her management career in many countries and across multiple sectors of the healthcare industry. She knows decision-makers and industry contacts from around the world and is familiar with the needs of both SMEs and large corporations. Heidelore Gerbing always looks outside of the box and understands how to apply solutions and knowledge across sectors and how to achieve objectives by breaking new ground. Her goal is for both clients and candidates to achieve lasting win-win situations. 

Heidelore Gerbing has been working in operational and strategic management positions both in Germany and abroad for more than twenty years. She was employed in areas ranging from finance to marketing, sales and business development, holding roles as a sales director, business development director and business unit manager. She has been responsible for bringing entire business divisions to life, from developing the initial concept to ensuring they operate successfully on a day-to-day basis, and has also been assigned the restructuring of existing organizations. 

Based in Munich as an independent Senior Partner, Heidelore Gerbing has been helping start-ups, SMEs and corporations specializing in life sciences and medical technology to recruit specialist and managerial personnel for standard and unique positions since 2012.


Heidelore Gerbing

Graduate in Business Administration, Senior Partner

T +49 89 205 00 85 285

c/o BESTMINDS Office Munich
Maximilianstr. 2
D-80539 Munich

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