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The bit between his teeth.

Jochen Transier

Managing Partner

Industry expertise

Recruitment consultant/headhunter for

  • Management positions
  • All relevant profiles in sales, marketing, product management, development, administration and production in medical technology and life sciences companies
  • Specialist area: Dental industry

Disciplines in which Jochen Transier has successfully placed specialist and managerial personnel:

  • Dentistry, dental implantology, digital dentistry
  • General surgery, traumatology, orthopedics
  • Neurosurgery
  • ENT
  • Diagnostics, lab
  • Ophthalmology
  • Imaging techniques
  • Other specialist medical areas

Jochen Transier – profile

The bit between his teeth. Your search for specialist and managerial personnel in the medical technology and life sciences industry becomes more efficient in the hands of Jochen Transier, because the industry expert, who particularly specializes in dentistry, knows his stuff. This is owed to his professional qualifications: Jochen Transier worked in sales for 17 years, including as a sales manager for international medical technology companies. He is also a trainer for personality development, team building, group dynamics, conflict management and business strategy concepts.

A specialist in medical technology and life sciences, he has been putting his skills to work in the executive search field since 2006. He was a Senior Partner of JBF international executive search until the end of 2010 and is now an independent Managing Partner of BESTMINDS GmbH.

Based in northwest Germany, Jochen Transier helps SMEs, start-ups and groups specializing in medical technology and life sciences to recruit specialist and managerial personnel for standard and unique posts.

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