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It’s the sails that set the course, not the wind.

Michael Splitt

Senior Partner

Industry expertise

Recruitment consultant/headhunter for

  • Specialist and managerial positions in the healthcare industry
  • Senior medical and sales staff in the hospital sector
  • Management and leadership positions for businesses and organizations in the healthcare sector (managing directors, business unit managers, department managers)

Michael Splitt – profile

It’s not just the wind that keeps a ship on course. Only when the sails are properly set can it be steered in the right direction. And only when the team and management know what really matters can they be sure of reaching their destination, even when they’re sailing into the wind or through troubled waters.

Michael Splitt, himself a keen sailor, knows how to bring the right people on board. Over the course of his extensive career, he has honed his ability to bring together teams who can achieve even the most ambitious company goals together.

His comprehensive industry expertise stems from more than 25 years in the healthcare and hospital market. He has been moving full steam ahead from day one. After starting out as a medical device consultant, he held a number of national and internationally oriented positions, including management roles, in both global businesses and medical technology start-ups. Throughout his career, he has focused on close collaboration with scientific societies, professional and hospital associations, buying groups, doctors, and clinic and practice managers. His extensive network, experience and expertise in the healthcare sector allow him to accurately assess requirements when placing medical, technical and sales staff and filling specialist and managerial positions.

From 2020 onwards, Michael Splitt will be putting these assets to good use providing executive search services. He will support healthcare organizations — particularly hospitals, medical care centers and other service providers — in finding highly qualified medical, care and sales staff, such as medical directors, department heads and attending physicians, and in filling specialist and managerial positions.

He is an independent Senior Partner within the BESTMINDS Executive Search team based in Berlin.

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