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Challenges in recruiting senior physicians

More and more hospitals in germany do not manage to fill vacant senior physician positions promptly. It often happens that vacancies remain unfilled for more than a year. The reason for this is the lack of applicants.

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On average, 27 specialists apply for open senior physician positions. However, not every specialty is equally popular. Particularly parts of surgery and internal medicine are difficult to fill. In some disciplines, there are only five applications for an open position on average, which makes it difficult to find the best match for the specific requirements of the hospitals. In order not to have to wait more than a year for a suitable senior physician, more and more clinics are commissioning specialised personnel consultancies to find suitable personnel.

We at BESTMINDS look forward to continuing to support you with our experienced team in recruiting your open positions in the health care sector.


Career vs. Work Life Balance

In recent years, the desire of medical specialists to pursue a clinical career has decreased significantly. Reasons for this can be found, among other things, in the personal lives of specialists, but also in the organisation of the daily work routine. More than 60% of those questioned in a reader survey in the German Ärzteblatt in 2019 state that the compatibility of work with family and leisure time has top priority when choosing a job. Similarly, two thirds of all applicants prefer a regional job. A relocation is unpopular. When working with BESTMINDS, it can be a decisive advantage that we approach suitable candidates directly and personally and that the open positions in your clinic do not get lost in the multitude of job advertisements in various media.

Train senior physicians yourself

The qualified in-house training of specialists and senior physicians always represents an alternative to the external search for suitable junior staff and has been practiced successfully for years in hospitals with larger capacities. Unfortunately, in-house training for basic and standard care hospitals often poses a major problem, as they lack the necessary authority for further training or their own capacities generally do not permit this.

Our expertise

Michael Splitt and Bernhard Joekel are the BESTMINDS experts when it comes to filling positions in the healthcare sector. We not only support you in filling chief physician and senior physician positions, but are also the right contact for all positions from nursing to management. Thanks to decades of experience in the hospital sector, both nationally and internationally, we can draw on a broad network and thus actively support you in filling open positions. Contact us without obligation using this contact form and we will meet your challenges with passion.



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