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Design Thinking

Anna-Lena Faix

B.A. Design, Content- und Social Media Manager

As a studied Designer and experienced social media expert, Anna-Lena joins the BESTMINDS team. In 2015 she finished her design studies "Bachelor of Arts" in Trier and since then worked for well-known companies in the industry and a German start up. In addition, she has been running her own design label since 2018 and is intensively involved in social media, content management and graphic design.

Since September 2022, she has been in charge of the BESTMINDS website and social media channels. She not only ensures that BESTMINDS has a contemporary presence on all platforms relevant to the target group, but also ensures the flawless distribution of job ads and creates well-researched journal articles. By executing and monitoring digital campaigns, Anna-Lena makes an important contribution to BESTMINDS' success.


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