The recruitment consultants who are closer to your industry and your prospective candidates

We are exceptionally successful at linking companies on the lookout for new staff with highly qualified specialist and managerial personnel. There are good reasons why we are your number one choice for headhunting in the medical technology, IT/media, healthcare and life sciences/pharma industries:

We are more specialized.

All our headhunters pursued successful careers in the medical technology, IT/media, healthcare or life sciences/pharma industry before becoming recruitment consultants. We are therefore familiar with the demands, developments and key players in your industry, which gives us insights that are key to successfully recruiting suitable specialist and managerial personnel.

We are more competent.

Our recruitment consultants operate in a large, carefully maintained global network of specialist and managerial staff, which centers around our market specialization. We combine our market knowledge with efficient recruitment expertise and the keen instinct of our experienced headhunters, who are passionate about finding the right match.

We are closer to the action.

Closer to our clients, potential applicants and the market. This means that if you are a client, you can rely on us to quickly and easily recruit skilled employees whose profiles match your vacancy’s requirements and who will make excellent contributions to your company. And, if you are a high-caliber candidate, you can find particularly attractive vacancies so suitable it’s as if they were made for you. This is because we bring the right people together – guaranteed.

Why else should you put your trust in our recruitment services?


We have excellent industry knowledge thanks our many years of professional experience before becoming recruitment consultants.


We combine our industry knowledge with recruitment expertise and an outstanding, carefully maintained network.


We maintain close, personal contacts with our clients and candidates.


We offer our services at fixed, reasonable fees.


We are strongly and personally committed to filling demanding positions reliably and successfully.


We offer a guarantee of up to 18 months for candidates placed by us.


We provide successful recruitment services regionally, nationally and internationally.

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Executive search is a matter of trust. BESTMINDS supports international corporations as well as small and large market leaders, start-ups and family businesses. We believe that working as closely as possible to you and your business and familiarizing ourselves with your specific needs holds the key to building trusting and lasting working relationships.

We specialize in the areas of medical technology, IT/media, healthcare and life sciences/pharma. With offices in Freiburg, Munich and Lingen, our recruitment consultancy serves the entire German and European market, working with select international partners as and when required. What’s more, our recruitment consultants in Zurich are on hand to support our Swiss clients.

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