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Christian Männlin 

Electronics Technician, Graduate in Business Management, Managing Partner

Industry expertise

Recruitment consultant/headhunter for

  • Management and leadership positions
  • Board positions and supervisory board positions
  • All typical profiles in industry-specific IT and software/hardware development in the medical technology, life sciences and automation engineering industries
  • All typical positions in “traditional” cross-sector information technology and applications development – in-house and at systems houses and software manufacturers
  • All typical challenges in the field of web and online media – in-house and at online agencies/service providers and software manufacturers

Specialist areas in which Christian Männlin has successfully placed specialist and managerial personnel:

  • Development of software and hardware for complex IT infrastructures and products in surgical automation/navigation and image editing and processing
  • Firmware and embedded software in mechatronic systems, X-ray equipment, endoscopes, pacemakers, measuring devices and sensors
  • Provision and operation of IT infrastructure and software applications
  • Process consulting, development and customization of ERP and CRM systems, such as SAP, Microsoft, Infor, Oracle and Salesforce
  • Connections to SQL databases, BI and web/e-business solutions
  • Industry 4.0 for the production sector
  • Cloud technologies, network infrastructures and IT security
  • E-business, e-commerce, CMS solutions
  • Internet of things (IoT) applications
  • Object-oriented analysis and design (OOAD)
  • Object-oriented software development (OOP) with Java / Spring, PHP, .Net/C#, Ruby on Rails, Python in the backend and cloud environments
  • Front-end development with frameworks such as React, Vue, Angular, Svelte, JQuery, Ember, Backbone, Semantic UI, Foundation and Preact
  • Online marketing, web analytics and SEO
  • Image Processing, Imaging Diagnostics, Planning Systems, OR and Navigation
  • Endoscopy and Arthroscopy
  • Radiotherapy, X-ray and Dosimetry
  • Laboratory Technology and Diagnostics
  • Automation and Measurement Technology

Christian Männlin – profile

All circuits activated! Whatever role information technology and online media play in your company, Christian Männlin is your man when it comes to recruiting qualified specialist staff, team leaders and senior managers all the way up to executive directors. As part of our Executive Search team, he is passionate about finding IT and online media specialists, such as hardware and software developers for medical technology and other high-tech industries, experts with leadership experience for cross-sector in-house IT departments, or specialists for innovative IT/software companies, systems houses and online agencies. An expert in information and internet technologies, when he activates his personal network, information networks and circuits close faster than ever.

His 30 years of experience in IT/media, medical technology and life sciences as well as his ongoing dedication to maintaining his network of contacts make all the difference. Before working as a recruitment consultant and headhunter, the telecommunications engineer and graduate in business management held positions as an IT consultant, key account manager, sales and branch manager, and board member at medium-sized, international IT, telecommunications and media companies.

The IT recruiter has been putting his skills to work in the executive search field since 2007. He was a Senior Partner of JBF international executive search until the end of 2010 and is now an associate and an independent Managing Partner of BESTMINDS GmbH.

Christian Männlin provides recruitment services at the BESTMINDS headquarters in Freiburg im Breisgau and helps start-ups, SMEs and groups to recruit specialist and managerial personnel in the fields of IT/media, medical technology and life sciences. He brings together clients and candidates regionally, across Germany and internationally, with a particular focus on Switzerland.


Christian Männlin

Electronics Technician, Graduate in Business Management, Managing Partner

M +49 172 775 93 56

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