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Don’t hesitate to get in touch – our recruitment consultants are here to support you

Are you searching for new specialist and managerial staff? BESTMINDS Executive Search looks forward to helping you. We have offices in Freiburg, Munich, Lingen and near Zurich in Switzerland. Our recruitment consultants also work internationally and collaborate with carefully selected recruitment specialists from the following countries: Austria, Benelux, France, Great Britain, Italy, Poland, Russia and Spain.
Put your trust in us – and we’ll be more than happy to help you with your regional, national and international recruitment needs.

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Your partners at BESTMINDS can be found in the following locations:


Basler Str. 65
D-79100 Freiburg i. Br.
T +49 761 888 51 23 0

Recruitment specialists

Siegfried Faix

Christian Männlin

Marianne Jaschke

Bernhard Joekel

Office Munich
Maximilianstr. 2
D-80539 Munich
T +49 89 205 00 85 285

Recruitment specialists

Fritz Kurz

Heidelore Gerbing

Office Lingen
Am Falkenhorst 5
D-49811 Lingen (Ems)
T +49 591 610 65 83

Recruitment specialist

Jochen Transier

Office Frankfurt a. M.
Taunustor 1
D-60310 Frankfurt a. M.
T +49 69 959 32 50 32

Recruitment specialist

Peter Majer

Office Berlin
Seepromenade 2a
D-15859 Storkow
M +49 160 713 63 13

Recruitment specialist

Michael Splitt


Rebbergstrasse 28
CH-8964 Rudolfstetten
T  +49 761 888 51 23 0

Recruitment specialist

Lutz Freiwald

International recruitment partners

When filling international positions in Europe, we cooperate with a reliable network of specialist consultants who represent us in key European markets. Your BESTMINDS partners are on hand to support you throughout this process.

Flags: France, Great Britain, Netherlands, Austria
Flags: Italy, Russia, Spain, Poland

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For candidates

If you are unable to find any suitable positions in our list of jobs, you are more than welcome to send us your CV and make a speculative application instead.

Do you wish to talk to one of our recruitment consultants directly? Our team looks forward to hearing from you.


For companies

Do you have a position to fill in the medical technology, healthcare, life sciences and pharma or IT/media industry? Are you looking for a manager or specialist to work in your company?

We are passionate about rising to the challenge of fulfilling your requirements. Please use our contact form.  

Please note the following important information on the use of our contact form: We process the data entered according to the specifications regarding the contact form in our privacy policy. If you do not agree, we ask you to refrain from using the contact form.
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