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Information technology and software applications are what make your company competitive. Whether you control your processes with IT, operate high-tech products using complex software or sell goods or services online, information and communication technology are indispensable. Fill your specialist and managerial positions quickly and with confidence without having to slow down your operations or sales activities. BESTMINDS’ headhunters search for qualified personnel in all fields where information technology plays a key role, from industry-specific and cross-sector IT to digital and online media.

Software für Computertomographie - IT für medizintechnische Geräte

Software for medical technology devices, systems and applications, image processing

Hardware Platine - IT für Medizinprodukte

Development of embedded software and hardware for medical technology and industrial companies/automation engineering

Wort Cloud: ERP, IT Strategy, Team Leader, E-Business, Social Media - IT

Cross-sector IT: ERP, SAP, Microsoft, CRM, BI, e-business, Industry 4.0, cloud computing, IT security, network infrastructures

Welt , IOT, E-Commerce, CMS, Java/PHP/.Net, Web Analytics - IT

Web and online media, e-business, e-commerce, IoT, CMS, Java/PHP/.Net, web analytics, SEO

We search for the talented people you need

See below for a small selection of the positions our recruitment consultants have already filled for German and international information technology and online media companies:

When recruiting staff in the IT and media sector, BESTMINDS draws on its excellent industry knowledge and extensive network of qualified IT and media professionals with a diverse range of specializations. This enables us to precisely match the right candidates with the right positions. We recruit candidates for you in the following fields:

Industry-specific IT for high-tech industries, such as medical technology, life sciences/pharma and automation.
Examples: Software development for complex IT infrastructures in surgical automation/navigation and image editing and processing, or for embedded software in mechatronic systems, X-ray equipment, endoscopes, pacemakers, measuring devices and sensors.

Cross-sector IT for “traditional” information technology and applications development – in-house and at systems houses and software manufacturers.
Examples: SAP, Microsoft, Infor, Oracle and Salesforce ERP and CRM systems. Connections to SQL databases, BI and web/e-business solutions. Industry 4.0 for the production sector, cloud technologies, network infrastructures and IT security.

Web and online media in-house and at online agencies/service providers and software manufacturers.
Examples: E-business, e-commerce, CMS and internet of things (IoT) applications. Object-oriented analysis and design (OOAD) and software development (OOP) with Java/PHP/.Net in the back end and JavaScript and AngularJS in the front end. Online marketing, web analytics and SEO.

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Recruitment consultancy for medical technology, healthcare and life sciences / pharma

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