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Staff is the most valuable resource.

Lutz Freiwald

Graduate Engineer in Medical Technology, Senior Partner

Industry expertise

Recruitment consultant/headhunter for

  • Management positions
  • All typical as well as particularly challenging technical profiles in the fields of medical technology and life sciences, e.g. business development, M&A, production, supply chain, production transfer, procurement, logistics, research and development, OEM manufacturing, supply

Disciplines in which Lutz Freiwald has successfully placed specialist and managerial personnel:

  • Gastrointestinal endoscopy and endotherapy
  • NOTES, anaesthesia, ENT, abdominal surgery, MIS
  • General endoscopy, including arthroscopy, urology and gynaecology
  • Imaging techniques, diagnostics, planning systems, OR, navigation
  • Interventional cardiology and radiology
  • Neurology, neurosurgery
  • Other specialist medical areas

Lutz Freiwald – profile

Staff is the most valuable resource. This guiding principle is an apt reflection of Lutz Freiwald’s work attitude. The headhunter and graduate engineer in medical technology is convinced that four values hold the key to a long-lasting career at all hierarchical levels: diligence, professionalism, authenticity and honesty.

Lutz Freiwald’s industry experience is based on a 25-year career working in national and international companies with a focus on medical technology and life sciences. This experience has guided him in different business areas and at every hierarchical level. Beginning as a sales representative, he went on to assume roles in sales management and product marketing, before joining the board of directors as COO and assuming a management position. His responsibilities have included the introduction of new medical methods, the general management of sales and technology, the implementation of mergers and acquisitions, the organization of new structures and fields as well as planning global strategies and managing international business units. Lutz Freiwald has personal experience with the ins and outs of different business cultures and their distinctive characteristics, from world-leading medical technology corporations and privately run companies (SMEs) to family businesses and start-ups.

The Swiss-based medical technology and life sciences specialist has been putting his industry knowledge to good use at BESTMINDS Executive Search as an independent Senior Partner since 2013. He is an excellent addition to our team, helping us to cover all important medical specialist fields with his valuable, international network.


Lutz Freiwald

Graduate Engineer in Medical Technology, Senior Partner

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