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Are you seeking a fresh professional challenge? Do you want a new employer who values change and your forward-looking attitude? Who encourages their staff and helps them to develop? If so, you have come to the right place. At BESTMINDS, we love candidates who want to further themselves and our clients. After all, it is your commitment, ideas and experiences that determine our clients’ success.

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Do you feel at home working in the medical technology, IT, media, healthcare, life sciences or pharma industry? Then your world is also our world. For years, we have been exceptionally successful at bringing together companies and highly qualified specialist and managerial staff. There are good reasons for our success:

We are more specialized.

Do you want to use our knowledge to fuel your success? The sectors in which we work are unique in terms of their variety and dynamism. Having each gained first-hand experience of these markets, our recruitment consultants are on your level. We are extremely familiar with the specific requirements of your potential new employer as well as with the developments and key players in their company. And this knowledge gives us crucial insights into how to help you successfully secure your new specialist or managerial position.

We are more competent.

Are you looking for personal support? We help you to plan your next career move by connecting our market knowledge with your personal aspirations. We work with you to analyze your CV and career goals, discuss these in one-on-one meetings and identify each further step with you. This is a crucial part of our service because determining your next professional maneuver is always an important decision that shapes your career and future success.

We are closer to the action.

Do you want to benefit from our experience? Our years of working in selected industries has enabled us to build up an extensive, carefully maintained network of contacts from around the world. Today, we combine this network with our experience in recruitment and the keen instinct of our skilled recruitment consultants, who are passionate about finding the right position for your next career move. This is why working with us in the long term will put you on the path to achieving your career goals.

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