Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month March 2024

We at BESTMINDS think the topic is very important and would like to draw attention to it with this campaign. Join in and raise awareness - the following article will show you how you too can contribute!

Image source: Felix Burda Foundation

What does that mean?

March 2024 once again marks Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month in Germany, an initiative that is being launched for the 23rd time to emphasise the importance of colorectal cancer screening.
The Felix Burda Foundation first initiated this campaign in 2002, together with renowned partners such as German Cancer Aid, the German Cancer Society, the National Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians (KBV), the LebensBlicke Foundation and the Gastro-Liga. Today, Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month in March is supported by a large number of other organisations, media, health organisations, companies, cities, clinics and private individuals who work together to promote colorectal cancer prevention.

What exactly is colorectal cancer?

Colorectal cancer is a malignant tumour that develops in the colon or rectum and arises from benign precursors. This disease is one of the best-researched types of cancer in humans. Around 90% of bowel cancers develop from initially benign bowel polyps. This process, from degeneration of the intestinal polyp (adenoma) to cancer (carcinoma), can take up to 10 years and is known as the adenoma-carcinoma sequence. This is caused by successive genetic changes (mutations) in the mucosal cells of the intestinal wall, which ultimately lead to the loss of natural growth control of the cells, allowing them to spread malignantly and destructively.

The increase in bowel cancer cases in young people is worrying. Colorectal cancer used to be considered more of a disease affecting older people, but today the numbers are rising in the younger generation.

Nevertheless, bowel cancer offers a special opportunity: it is one of the few types of cancer that can be almost completely prevented or cured through early detection. During a colonoscopy, preliminary stages of bowel cancer, known as polyps, can be removed before they develop into cancer. Polyps are widespread, especially in people over the age of 55.

What is to be done?

Screening examinations!

The most important measure for preventing bowel cancer is regular screening. Colorectal cancer is often a "silent" disease and in most cases there are no warning signs. There are various types of screening, with colonoscopy being the safest method. Since April 2019, there have been new regulations for bowel cancer screening that offer people aged 50 and over alternative options.

What can I do to help?

You can help spread the word about bowel cancer screening by taking part in the campaign and using the materials to raise awareness of this important issue. For more information and ways to support, visit:

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