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Study: Hip and knee prostheses last over 25 years

Joint replacement of the hip and knee is one of the most common and successful operations in developed countries today. In Germany, more than 400,000 patients are implanted with a hip or knee endoprosthesis every year.

8 out of 10 knee prostheses and 6 out of 10 hip prostheses today have a durability of 25 years or more. This is the result of two meta-analyses by experts from Bristol Medical School, which have now been published in the Lancet, reports the Ärzteblatt in its January blog post.

The Bristol Medical School study evaluated data from case series and register data. The results from case series are regarded as less reliable as they are often based on the experience of individual centres. The joint replacement registers that have been established in many countries in recent years avoid these distortions, as the aim is to cover all patients.

According to the data from the joint replacement registers, the 25-year durability of hip prostheses is 57.9%. It should be noted that the 25-year data are based on a single patient register (from Finland) only.
In the case of knee endoprostheses, the researchers distinguish between total endoprostheses (TKR) and unicondylar knee joint replacement (UKR). The register data showed a 25-year durability of TKR of 82.3% (81.3 to 83.2%) and of UKR of 69.8% (67.6 to 72.1%). Knee endoprostheses therefore have an overall longer durability than hip endoprostheses.

Further information on the German endoprostheses register can be found at

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