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Agile working in companies

In today's fast-paced world, it is becoming increasingly important for companies to react promptly to changes. Agile working enables this

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The iterative (repetitive) approach of agile working and the close collaboration with the customer ensure efficient project implementation and higher customer satisfaction. However, a well-planned implementation is important to achieve the full success of the agile way of working. In this article, you will learn everything important about the topic and how you can successfully implement this way of working in your company.

Agile working explained simply

Agile working is a working method based on the idea that teams work in short work cycles, so-called sprints, and exchange ideas in regular meetings to discuss progress and identify obstacles. The work cycles usually last between 1 and 4 weeks. After each cycle, the result is discussed in the team or with the customer and feedback is obtained. The result is then improved or optimized. This way of working is called iterative.

What does it take for agile working?

Agile working requires a change in the entire organization and structure of a company. It cannot simply be decreed. For agile working to succeed, certain prerequisites must be met. These include independent work, in which employees are given responsibility and can make decisions as a team. Comprehensive communication is also important so that everyone involved is informed about relevant processes at all times. A clear mission statement is also crucial in order to have a constant throughout all changes. The customer perspective should not be forgotten and feedback loops should be used to enable quick adjustments. In addition, timeframes should be shortened to allow for more dynamism.

Advantages of agile working

The advantages of agile working methods are obvious. The flexibility of the working method enables companies to react quickly to changes. Efficiency is achieved through iterative work processes and regular feedback. This allows the team to respond more quickly to the needs of the customer and ultimately achieve a better result. Close collaboration with the customer leads to higher customer satisfaction and motivated teams. The risk of wrong decisions is minimized because problems can be identified and fixed quickly.

Another advantage of agile working is the high flexibility in the implementation of projects. While traditional ways of working usually require a great deal of planning and resources, the agile way of working enables projects to be implemented more quickly and cost-effectively. In many cases, agile working even leads to a faster time to market for products or services.

How can agile working be implemented?

The transition to agile working can be difficult and requires a shift in thinking throughout the organization as well as a culture of mutual trust. There are many methods of agile working, such as SCRUM, Kanban, timeboxing and design thinking, that are easy to implement and can help familiarize employees with agile working. It is important to view agile working as an agile process and to make adjustments at short intervals, obtain feedback from employees and continuously adjust the implementation.

Agile working Disadvantages

However, the introduction of agile working methods can be a challenge for companies. It is important that teams are well trained and that the way of working is anchored throughout the organization. Collaboration and communication between teams must also function smoothly to ensure the success of agile working methods.

Agile working at a glance

Agile working is a way of working that enables companies to react quickly to changes and improve continuously. Due to the iterative way of working and the close cooperation with the customer, projects can be implemented faster and more efficiently. However, it is important that the implementation is well planned and executed to achieve the full success of the agile way of working. Companies that rely on agile working methods have an advantage in today's fast-paced business world and can remain successful in the long term.

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