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Employee review questions: Bind your employees

Honest and sustainable dialogue with your employees (m/f/d) has an immediate effect and is not difficult. Read five questions for an employee appraisal

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The shortage of skilled workers has transformed the employment market into an employee market. Where once companies could choose the best candidate from among many, today candidates can choose among many employers. It is therefore all the more important to retain and value the workforce that is already available to one's own company. In addition to a good work-life balance, it is also important to regularly address the employee's needs in the workplace. Personal employee interviews are essential in this regard. Have an open ear for your employees and accept feedback by asking the following questions.

Would you like to take on other tasks in the company?

Many employees want to be challenged professionally and to grow within the company. Working in the same position all your life can be demotivating and cause people to look around at the competition. Try to find out if the employee is open to taking on other roles in the company and what they want for their future within the company. If possible, fulfill those desires or find a compromise. Be responsive to your employees.

Do you feel that your work is meaningful?

Being proud of your work and seeing the positive effects of it is motivating. In some positions, it's hard for workers to see the contribution they make to advance the company or society. Help your employees see the meaning in their work.

How can I support you?

Unleashing an employee's full potential is a manager's job. Rarely do employees operate at 100% productivity. Find out what it takes to increase the employee's performance.

Do you see activities / issues that the company should still address?

Make your employees feel that their opinions matter and are heard. This is where employees can give honest feedback on how to improve the company. Your job as a manager is to take this feedback seriously and make the company more attractive to existing and future employees.

Do your strengths / creativity come into play on a daily basis?

An employee's best skills are not always utilized within the company. This can be frustrating. Talk to your employees about it and make sure there is joy in the work by doing what you do best.

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