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Corona: sales in the pharmaceutical industry are shifting

Sempora Management Consultants, a Bad Homburg-based management consultancy specializing in healthcare, among other things, has published a recent Flash survey on the effects of corona on the OTC industry. 37 decision-makers were interviewed in the period from 27.3-30.3, i.e. in the middle of the period of the current measures to reduce personal contacts due to the Corona pandemic.

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54% of the respondents assume that the currently increased sales due to the population's stockpiling of OTC drugs is only an advance shift of sales. These will collapse at the latest when the crisis subsides. However, the following figure is much more decisive. 79% of those surveyed believe that now is the right time to develop market strategies for the post-corona period. This involves the question of market development, and here in particular the digitalisation of the sales concept based on the still "analogue" world of field sales.

For this purpose, digital sales experts are needed in the companies. This is a profession that is also in great demand in many other industries, and therefore there is no need to actively apply for a job. In this case, market and technical expertise is required to find the right experts and to attract them to your company.

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Peter Majer, Senior Partner Pharma/Lifescience, has more than 25 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry and especially in OTC. As a marketing and sales expert, he knows the requirements of companies and can provide them with targeted and efficient support in your search for suitable employees.


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