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Recruitment consultants reminisce: 10 years of BESTMINDS

For ten years, BESTMINDS has been your passionate recruitment consultancy for qualified specialists and executives in the medical technology, IT/media, healthcare and life sciences/pharma industries. Here’s what they have learned:

Fritz Kurz, Graduate in Business Management

“I entered the field of executive search for positions in medical technology because I have known this market inside and out for years, I enjoy interacting on a personal level, and I feel at home in the industry. Co-founding BESTMINDS as an associate was the fastest way to combine my previously gained expertise with my knack for interpersonal communication. Ten years later, I still stand firmly by this decision, and I have been able to enthusiastically apply my previous experience in medical technology and utilize my professional network in my recruitment consulting capacity to the benefit of our customers and candidates. Headhunting at BESTMINDS means recruitment consultancy with insider knowledge, commitment, dedication and passion. My challenge is to fill positions with the best possible people for the long term within an appropriate time frame.”

Marianne Jaschke, Graduate in Marketing and Business Administration

“I have been working in the area of executive search since 2001, and in that time I have gained a wealth of experience. When BESTMINDS was founded, joining the team was the clear choice – I wanted to be onboard right from the beginning. Because in addition to the professionalism exhibited by the recruitment consultants at BESTMINDS, the chemistry was also just right. Collaborating with my highly capable and empathetic colleagues helps me to perform even better when it comes to finding the right candidates for my clients.”

Bernhard Joekel, Graduate in Economics

“I can only say that, after an initial degree of uncertainty and doubt, my personal situation and my overall sense of satisfaction here at BESTMINDS have improved brilliantly and I feel very comfortable here. Both the financial situation and my working relationship with my colleagues suit me perfectly and I am sure that I made the right decision in joining the team.”

Heidelore Gerbing, Graduate in Business Administration

“Over more than 25 years in various management roles both domestically and abroad, I have learned that success depends on having the right team and on every single team member playing their part. And as a candidate, I found out just how differently individual recruitment consultants treat their most important asset – their candidates. I wanted to combine this experience with my passion for medicine and all of its different facets. Today, I can say that my understanding of my role – as a provider of advice and support that goes above and beyond recruitment consulting – is deeply appreciated and highly sought after. I am there for my candidates over the long term and provide them the support they need to balance and coordinate their careers with their personal lives. It is incredibly rewarding to see how businesses and individuals grow and develop with our support. And this understanding of our role is reflected in the strength of the BESTMINDS team and all of our undertakings.”

Lutz Freiwald, Graduate Engineer in Medical Technology

“Headhunting is an intense business that requires a great deal of commitment and market knowledge. You constantly have to work faster than before, to find and present the absolute best candidate from an endless sea of possibilities in the face of fierce competition, all while offering your services free of charge. None of these reasons are what compelled me to work for BESTMINDS. Instead, I decided to join the team because BESTMINDS relies on outstanding industry knowledge to act with resolve and professionalism and ensure lasting success for customers and candidates alike.”


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