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Avoiding waste in the hospital - tips and approaches

Hospitals are one of the biggest waste producers in Germany. We show ways to avoid waste

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Healthcare is primarily about treating patients. However, a hospital also generates considerable amounts of waste that must be disposed of. In addition to normal waste, there is also special waste such as medical equipment, chemicals or packaging. But how can waste be reduced in the hospital?

Waste prevention in hospitals through better planning

Preventive measures can help reduce the amount of waste generated. One example is careful planning of the purchase and storage of consumables and medicines. Good stock management can ensure that fewer expiration dates of products are exceeded, which in turn leads to less waste.

Reusable products

Reusable products can be used in some areas of the hospital. This applies, for example, to dishes and cutlery in the hospital kitchen or to linen and bedding. Medical equipment, such as endoscopes, can also be reused under certain conditions and thus contribute to waste prevention. However, strict hygiene regulations must be observed when reusing medical equipment to prevent infections.

Recycling of packaging

A large proportion of hospital waste consists of packaging, especially of medicines. Much of this packaging is made of plastic or aluminum and can be recycled. Hospitals can use special recycling programs or work with their suppliers to take back and reuse packaging.

Electronic documentation

In the past, hospitals recorded a lot of information on paper, resulting in high paper consumption. Electronic documentation systems can help to reduce paper consumption and thus avoid waste. The use of digital patient records can also help reduce paper consumption.

Training of the staff

Employee training can help raise awareness of the need to reduce waste. Staff should be trained to dispose of packaging and materials correctly and to reduce the consumption of materials and products.

Conclusion - What is the best way to avoid waste in the hospital?

Hospitals generate large amounts of waste. However, there are many ways to avoid waste in hospitals. Better planning and the use of reusable products can reduce the amount of waste. Recycling programs and electronic documentation systems can also help reduce waste. Staff training raises awareness of the need to reduce waste. By combining these approaches, a hospital can help protect the environment and reduce waste disposal costs.

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