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Hospitals and medtech companies: partners, not competitors

German hospitals are increasingly regarding medical technology companies as partners. This is expected to have multiple effects, including the acceleration of digitalization in the healthcare sector.

In 2020, Roland Berger published a study on the relationship between German hospitals and medtech companies, surveying managing directors and medical directors of hospitals.

The hospitals’ views

Medtech companies are playing a growing role in certain portions of hospitals’ value chains. 60% of the hospitals surveyed stated that they were already cooperating with medtech companies. They see the greatest potential for this type of cooperation in areas which require a lot of equipment – more so than in areas with direct patient contact. 61% of these hospitals consider the growing cooperation to be a positive development and already view medtech companies as partners. Only 9% see them as competitors. Opinions were more divided with regard to whether medtech companies support the development of hospitals and promote innovation, with 50% of those surveyed responding that they see positive developments, while 47% disagreed.


Hospitals seek cooperation with medtech companies for a range of different reasons. The main goal is to improve patient care, followed by the acceleration of internal processes and digitalization of the healthcare sector. Outsourcing, improved liquidity and the development of data-driven business models were also among the goals mentioned.

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Source: Roland Berger MedTech@Hospital study 2020

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