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10 tips for a successful home office

Home office has just become a necessity for many employees in times of corona quarantine. However, it is not the same thing as a regular workplace in an office, and many have difficulties with the changeover. We have put together 10 tips for you to make your home office experience productive and successful.

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1. remain consequent

No colleagues and above all no boss far and wide who could look over your shoulder. It' s easy to be tempted to approach your work only half-heartedly. The distraction is immense at home. Be it the television, various Internet activities or even household duties. All these things suddenly catch your eye and appear particularly interesting in direct comparison with the actual work. In the long run, however, the employer notices this and this has a negative effect on your career. Therefore it is important to remain consistently at work and not to be distracted.

2. clear time management

Doing the laundry or chatting with a family member can quickly escalate into unintended time scales. That is why clear definitions of working hours are just as important for the home office as for regular work. Set time intervals in which you actively work. Be it two, four or even eight hours in a row. As long as your work schedule allows you to do so, you are your own boss in this respect. A high degree of self-discipline is an advantage here.

3. create a work plan

Structure your work. Always have an overview of what still needs to be done and what has already been done. Create a work plan for yourself and work it off thoroughly.

4. a suitable working atmosphere

In order to increase self-discipline, not only a suitable infrastructure is required, but also a working atmosphere. Working in bed or in the living room, where family members pursue their own activities, is counterproductive for the home office. The best solution would be a separate room or a clearly defined area where work can be carried out in peace. It is also helpful to have storage space for work materials. These can be taken out at the beginning of the work and put away again at the end. It is important that everything has structure and order.

5. consultation with other people

Neighbours, friends and family members can quickly become troublemakers. Although they don't always mean harm, it is important that they do not distract you from your work. Make it clear to those around you that they should respect your working schedule.

6. communicate correctly with colleagues

Those who have personally communicated with their colleagues in the office should continue to do so in the home office. You can quickly be tempted to send e-mails or text messages. However, it is important for the working atmosphere and efficiency to engage in an active dialogue. This can be achieved via a normal telephone call or through various video chat platforms that are available free of charge on the Internet.

7. appropriate clothing

No suits and ties are needed for a successful home office, after all, you are still your own boss at home. However, you should not make yourself too comfortable. If you wear sweatpants or even pyjamas, you have already lost. This is not the way to create a working atmosphere.

8. compliance with necessary breaks and closing times

When a good working atmosphere has been created, you quickly lose track of time. It is important to take a break from time to time. Whether it's to get something to eat, go to the bathroom or get some fresh air. Everyone has to find a good balance between work and necessary breaks.
It is also essential to finish work on time, especially in the home office. "Just a little longer" can quickly degenerate into hours. Always remember that tomorrow is still a day.

9. separating home office and private life

If you' re off duty, you' re off duty. One of the biggest disadvantages of the home office is the constant access to work. Colleagues or the boss can call outside your working hours and demand that you "need to do some quick work". It is hard to refuse these requests. Fortunately, there is a simple trick to solve this problem: Turn off your mobile phone. In fact, it's best if you have two phones: one for work and the other for private use. That way, no one can disturb you in your well-deserved free time.

10. the joy of the home office

Having a positive attitude towards the home office is most important. The home office offers you unimagined possibilities that are not available in a normal work environment. Take time to explore these unique possibilities and find your own working style. Do you like to go for a walk or do you just want to look out the window? Do you listen to music or enjoy the silence? It's up to you to discover the joys of your home office.

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