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Focus on Hospitals and clinic groups: Michael Splitt is new BESTMINDS Senior Partner

Since February 2020, Michael Splitt has been strengthening the BESTMINDS team as an independent personnel consultant in Berlin. His well-maintained network mainly includes doctors as well as specialists and managers in the health care sector. In this interview, the expert for hospital structures explains what is most important in executive search.

Personal passion, trust and reliability are important key competencies in executive search, says Michael Splitt.

Mr. Splitt, you've been in the health industry for over 25 years...

That's right. I started in the mid-90s as a medical products consultant. This was followed by various nationally and internationally oriented positions in global corporations and start-ups in medical technology, right up to the management level. My path has taken me right across the industry and I have gained a pretty good insight into the healthcare sector, especially into the hospital market. One thing has always been of particular interest to me: the intensive, human-personal cooperation with my contact persons, whether they are the medical and nursing staff in the clinics and doctor's offices, the employees in the purchasing groups and hospital associations, managing directors of health care facilities, as well as members of medical societies and various professional associations.

How would you sum up your experience?

For me, our healthcare system is one of the most important pillars of our society, which unfortunately does not receive enough attention from my point of view. We all want the best possible care and are dependent on our healthcare system being able to maintain its high standards in the future. Ongoing financial savings, and even in some cases under-supply, especially in the area of human resources, are putting service providers under increasing pressure. I have long seen a great need for action in this area, so that the tense employment situation in the health market can be eased. This has influenced my personal decision to a large extent. After so many years, of course, you know the market extremely well and have the opportunity to build up a broad network. I enjoy contributing my expertise where it has an immediate impact. And that is when I can bring together specialists or managers in the hospital and healthcare market.

Your shift to the recruitment consultancy beginning of 2020 seems really logical. What does the new challenge mean to you?

Well, the move to recruitment consultancy was a logical step in my professional development. For me, people and their professional and personal qualifications are the focus of interest. I enjoy dealing with people and I am passionate about bringing people together. I also find it fulfilling to see how potential unfolds, especially when I have contributed to it. Personal passion is important to be successful in recruitment consulting, as well as trust and reliability. These are decisive key competencies in executive search. I believe that without these qualities, it is difficult to connect people, and that is what it is all about in the end.

Why did you decide to become a partner at BESTMINDS?

I have known BESTMINDS for a very long time, especially from a client perspective. I think it was 2010, ten years ago. At that time I was with a company that was probably the second customer of BESTMINDS. BESTMINDS had just started up, and I thought that Fritz Kurz and Siegfried Faix, two of the four founders I was mainly involved with, did an excellent job. Success came very quickly. Even back then, I thought that maybe I could be good at this too. Executive search in my profession and with firm principles behind it, a trusting relationship with all parties involved, communication at eye level and a very clear focus on client needs.

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Michael Splitt
Senior Partner

T  +49 30 206 59 430
M +49 160 713 63 13

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