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Medtech exports are good - concern about regulations

German medical technology companies are concerned about the effects of the new regulation for medical devices (MDR)

The statement by Dr. Meinrad Lugan (BVMed CEO) on this year's autumn survey of the German Medical Technology Association (Bundesverband Medizintechnologie e.V.) highlights not only the good export ratio and stable domestic sales, but also concerns about the implementation of regulations.

The sales of medtech companies in the German market show an adjusted sales growth of 4.2 percent compared to 2.8 percent in the previous year. These figures can be compared with the revenue development in 2015 (4.3 percent) and 2016 (4.0 percent), with the internationally active medtech companies growing much faster abroad (revenue growth of 5.9 percent) than in Germany.

The MDR (new regulation for medical devices) is causing medical technology companies to fear rising costs, delayed assessment procedures for developed medical devices and, as a consequence, the discontinuation of products or entire product lines. The requirements imposed by the MDR would be regarded as the greatest obstacle to the future development of the medical technology sector.

Regardless of this, the medtech industry will remain a job engine in 2018.

The survey of medtech companies shows:

  • 51 percent of the companies state that they have created additional jobs compared to the previous year. Only 9 percent of the companies have to reduce jobs.
  • The career prospects for specialists in the MedTech industry are excellent. 94 percent of the companies that participated in the BVMed Autumn Survey 2018 consider the career prospects to be unchanged or better than in the previous year. Most sought-after are medical technicians (36 percent) and engineers (27 percent), but also nurses (25 percent), natural scientists (25 percent) and economists (23 percent).
  • 84 percent of the companies state that they have vacancies. Sales staff (61 percent) are at the top of the list of open positions, followed by marketing and communication (28 percent), regulatory affairs and key account management (24 percent each) and production (20 percent).
  • 79 percent of the companies have problems in filling the vacancies. This is particularly true of sales (38 percent) and regulatory affairs (23 percent).

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