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Recruiting Symposium: Social Recruiting Days 2019

BESTMINDS will be at the symposium SRD 2019 from 29.10.2019 to 30.10.2019 in Berlin.

Graphic: BESTMINDS, Logo: SRD2019

The "Social Recruiting Days" is a recruiting conference organised by Quadriga and Human Resources Manager. New topics such as "Data & People Analytics", artificial intelligence, HR ethics and "Candidate & Employee Experience" will be the focus under the motto "Power of Ideas". The slogan would like to point out the necessity of new ideas in the matter of talent search.

Why Social Recruiting?

The German economy is increasingly suffering from a shortage of skilled workers. There is a lack of qualified personnel. Most skilled workers and specialists are not actively looking for a job, but are passively willing to change jobs. In order to fill open vacancies, they must be actively addressed. Social media recruiting is used as an instrument in online recruiting to find candidates, to conduct initial contact and to draw the attention of specialists and executives to the company.

How does Social Recruiting work?

Social Media Recruiting is the search for personnel in social networks. The current Social Recruiting and Active Sourcing Study 2019* shows that career networks such as XING (D-A-C-H) and LinkedIn (international network) are the first source of external supply for candidate searches. Other channels are Facebook, You-Tube, Instagram and the micoblogging service Twitter. Networking in subject-specific communities and forums can also be helpful in finding the right candidate. Candidates mainly rely on career networks for their online job search and therefore publish their profile on these platforms.

Companies have recognized the importance of social media to attract attention to their company and to spread job advertisements. The professionalism of the implementation of social media recruiting in German companies has increased significantly. Recruiters are also expected to be familiar with recruiting trends and to use digital search channels appropriately.

At this year's Social Recruiting Days 2019, BESTMINDS partner Ms. Jaschke and our online marketing expert Ms. Sickinger will gain new ideas for talent search. Attending conferences and exchanging information on digital topics is an important part of our work. True to our motto: "More specialized. More committed. Closer to the action."


Challenge the best minds

Are you looking for the luminaries among the specialists and executives? Just ask us.
BESTMINDS combines many years of experience in active sourcing, in the targeted direct approach and in the qualified selection of candidates with excellent industry knowledge in Pharma, Medical Technology, Healthcare and IT with passionate commitment to your wishes. To this end, we professionally use the digital possibilities in personnel search for your company.

Marianne Jaschke combines comprehensive insider knowledge from the life sciences and medical technology with over 15 years of experience as a personnel consultant to create an impressive formula for success. She provides her recruitment services from the BESTMINDS headquarters on site. It supports start-ups, SMEs and corporations from the Life Sciences, Pharma and Medical Technology sectors in the recruitment of specialists and management personnel for both standard profiles and exceptional positions.


29. Oktober - 30. November 2019

Place of event
Ellington Hotel Berlin
Nürnberger Str. 50-55
10789 Berlin
+49 (0)30 6831-50

Download the program booklet in German!


*The special topic "Social Recruiting and Active Sourcing" is part of the annual "Recruiting" studies.
Trends 2019" and "Application Practice 2019" of the Centre of Human Resources Information Systems (CHRIS) on behalf of Monster Worldwide Deutschland GmbH. CHRIS is a research project of the Otto-Friedrich-University Bamberg (Prof. Dr. Tim Weitzel) and the Friedrich-Alexander-University Erlangen-Nuremberg (Prof. Dr. Sven Laumer), which deals with chances and trends regarding the use of IT in personnel processes (

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