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Big Data Pharma - Drugs now even faster on the market

The use of Big Data and new software by the life science industry for drug testing

The world has been talking about Big Data's ability to bring a revolution to the pharmaceutical industry for some time now. The collection, analysis and evaluation of large amounts of data from new sources provides faster and new insights for pharmaceutical companies. The use of Big Data in pharmaceutical companies offers opportunities for better evaluation of patient data and faster recognition of disease patterns. The targeted development of drugs for the patient and the reduction of research costs are also part of this.

How do pharmaceutical companies use Big Data?

In an interview with the Handelszeitung newspaper, Bertrand Bodson, Head of Digital at Novartis, explained: "The goal is to make drug development more efficient, minimize risks and shorten the time to launch." He is talking about the new software called Sense, which monitors and controls more than 500 clinical studies of the pharmaceutical company. The huge amounts of data are structured in order to gain important insights such as adherence to schedules and the registration of patients. This knowledge is expected to speed up drug development.

Sam Hariry, who is responsible for clinical strategy in the pharmaceutical company's research department, told Handelsblatt that they are using Big Data and the new software to identify potential problems earlier and thus prevent them from occurring. According to the article, Big Data and the structuring of the data will help the pharmaceutical company Novartis to recruit more patients for clinical trials. This would bring the drugs to market even faster.

Roche AG provides further examples of the digitalisation of the pharmaceutical industry. They describe on their website with examples of how they use Big Data for personalised medicine. You do this by working with partners who offer software solutions that collect, evaluate and analyse data from various sources. Here too, the recruitment of suitable study participants is at the top of the application list. With the help of smartphone apps, the pharmaceutical company wants to support patients in collecting their health and activity data regardless of their location.

In order to conduct research and development of new drugs effectively and with the support of IT, the pharmaceutical industry no longer needs only pharmacists, doctors, biologists or chemists, but also software developers and data analysts.

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