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Medtech grows by six percent annually by 2024

Among the 20 largest medical technology companies in the world, only two are German: Siemens and B. Braun Melsungen.

Who is one of the biggest players in the medical technology industry?

The world's largest medical technology players with a total of 405 billion dollars revenue during the 2017 fiscal year are:

  • US group Medtronic with around 30 billion dollars, 7.4 % market share
  • Johnson & Johnson with $26.6 billion, 6.6% market share
  • Abbott with $16 billion, 4.0% market share

Who are the largest German medical technology providers?

  • Siemes Healthineers with 15.5 billion dollars, 3.8 % market share
  • B.Braun Melsungen with 7.7 billion dollars, 1.9 % market share


Source: Ärzte Zeitung, online Branchenreport am 10.10.18

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