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FemTech: All about the new industry

Since 2016, there has been this new neologism, which is made up of the words female and technology. But what exactly is behind it?

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FemTech is still a fairly young area of medical technology. It involves new applications and technologies that are developed specifically for women. It all started with a small start-up in 2016, a menstruation app by Ida Tin that analyses each woman's cycle individually and helps to understand the associated discomfort and the ups and downs of the body. Ida Tin's motivation was frustration: "I thought it was crazy that we can shoot a man to the moon but don't have a tool to help us understand the patterns of our own bodies."

Since then, a whole range of innovations have been established in the areas of application. There are already apps for pregnancy and childbirth, as well as apps that focus on breast cancer and menopause. These and many other apps are all tailored to the needs of women.

Does FemTech have a future?

We believe the development of FemTech is very exciting and we are sure that it will remain a growing area of medical technology. It is amazing that this field has only existed since 2016, after all 50% of the population are women. PitchBook estimates that the market will grow to around $3 billion by the end of 2030. So far, there are more than 1200 companies offering FemTech products and services.

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